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Friday, January 1, 2010

Exercises to Throw a Baseball Further

By Joey Madison

How can you throw further as an outfielder? The answer is simple. By strengthening the muscles that's involved when throwing a baseball. But there's also an exercise that you can't afford to miss if you want to learn how to throw longer.

In this article you are going to read about special exercises to throw a baseball further.

In baseball you need to be strong from tip to toe. Any weakness in your body will limit your throwing ability more than you think. For the most part it's your core that isn't strong enough. What this means is that you abdominal muscles can't transfer all of the power from your legs to your arm. You could end up using 75% or even 50% of your real throwing power.

This is why you really should do exercises that targets your abs and legs. This is where your power to throw farther comes from.

So what exercises should you do?

There are many exercises that are good. However, when you do an exercise remember to do it explosive.

To develop your core then try to do as many exercises as you can with a medicine ball. This is a great way to build strength in the abdominal muscles and it balances your body as well.

A very good core exercise to develop your ability to throw further is the wood chopper or abdominal twist. You can do this exercise with a medicine ball and it helps you to strengthen the muscles involved when throwing. Click here for a video demonstration.

To develop the muscles of your upper body then there is one exercise that you can't really be without.

I'm talking about long toss. This exercise will help you to quickly add yards to your throwing ability. How to do it?

The best is to try and use a softball or a larger ball for this exercise. To do this exercise you need to be 2 persons. Start at 30 feet apart and increase the distance gradually. You do this to warm up your muscles to prevent any injury. When you reach 250 - 300 feet then keep it here and increase the distance until you can't reach each other. Then decrease the distance so you barely can reach each other and keep throwing at that distance.

You will be able to push this limit if you continue to do this exercise.

How about learning from the MLB Pros themselves? You can access the exercises they use to throw longer and faster. Visit Inside Major League Training to find out more...

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joey_Madison

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  1. this article is pretty weak. Your core and legs is extremley important in throwing but the back, scapulars, and the shoulders are the most important in throwing. Think about it, your body can only throw as hard as your body can slow it down. What slows down the motions of throwing? The back of your shoulders and the whole back in general. Working out the back wont only allow you to throw the baseball harder, but it will prevent injury as well. With all do respect, your legs and core are important but you also need to think about preventing injury and think about long term goals.


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