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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Killer Tips For Better Baseball Hitting by Jon Boyle

Killer Tips For Better Baseball Hitting by Jon Boyle

Ask ten coaches about hitting and you'll get unquestionably get 10 different answers. It's like the stock market, listen to too many opinions and you'll be left so confused you won't know what to do! Luckily, I'm here to put things in the correct context so you can become a better hitter, which, last time I checked, is why you're reading this article in the first place! Hitting a baseball is considered by many the single most difficult skill in sports. And having played a number of sports, I'm going to have to agree with this statement. Is not on your side when you're trying to hit a round object, moving at high speeds and velocities, with a round ball. Physics proves that. So my first tip is not to make hitting so technical and difficult. I commend those who have dedicated themselves to study the swing in detail. Hitting is a very complex series of events which can be debated for years on end. This is fine in the correct context, but not when simply attempting to provide baseball hitting tips. Have you ever witnessed an overzealous coach trying to explain sub-scapular loading, rotational torque or distal lag to a young (or old) hitter? You can see the glaze develop over their eyes as they look off into the sunset (or warehouse ceiling) as the instructor goes on and on. Is this productive? Of course not. But sadly, this is happening more and more. I'm beginning to question whether the industry of hitting instruction (and of course baseball hitting tips is a big part of that) is about making better hitters or improving the fragile egos who are guilty of this. If your part of the guilty party you know who you are, shame on you. Now get back to helping the kids first. You must make hitting simple. Any other way and the hitter simply doesn't have a chance. Now, you can teach very advanced and technical hitting elements in an easy manner. Just because you're teaching separation and rotational movement, does not mean you have to use big words. This does not mean you're smarter than the next guy. Learn to break the difficult hitting elements down into very simple commands. This will make the baseball hitting tips you're providing the most useful. If a hitter is confused he will not be confident. And we all know when a hitter isn't confident he won't hit well. So you must make hitting simple and instill confidence at the same time. The last thing I'm going to cover today is how effective your baseball hitting tips and drills really are. Can they easily be translated over to the field? Do they resemble game-like conditions? Do they automatically correct bad habits of the hitter that you're working with? And, do they provide instant feedback so the hitter knows if he is doing the drill correctly? If the answer is "no" to any of these questions then you need to re-think what you're teaching. After all, even though some don't want to hear it, the whole point of this thing is to create better, more confident hitters. Not stroke your ego.

Jon Doyle, MA, CSCS is considered the world's foremost authority of effective baseball training. Make sure to visit his website to discover the most effective baseball hitting techniques.

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