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Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I Love to Coach Tee Ball


By Alex Dumas

Coaching tee ball runs in my family. My dad coached me and my brothers and our friends. My uncle coached in their place. My other uncle coached at their town's local pre-school. My grandfather coached my dad and uncles how to play tee ball. And to top it all, my mom has always been supportive with what I do. She has never failed to encourage me and my friends to boost our morale up. I played for four years and though I may be that young, the memories are still as fresh as dewdrops on a spring morning. I grew up in the world of baseball but I never focused on making a career out of baseball. There were a lot of things that I learned while playing baseball and most of it helped develop my personality.

28 years had passed and I have my own family now. My wife and I are blessed with an energetic boy. We live in the suburbs just outside the city. Our neighborhood is mostly composed of young parents and I've seen several toddlers and kids around. My son is turning four this year and I wanted to introduce him to youth sports, so I took out my tee ball equipment and set it up at our backyard one Saturday morning. Billy, our seven-year old neighbor, saw me teaching my son to swing his bat and asked if he could join. I agreed and he called his five-year old brother too. This became a weekly thing with one or two kids joining every week. After two months, I had about 16 kids knocking at my door every Saturday morning for tee ball. We had to move to the park because my backyard was not enough.

Teaching kids to play tee ball is a moral booster for me because I always know that I was able to contribute to a child's development. I was a coach and a second parent to them. Other parents joined and we were like one big happy family. Our relationships extended beyond tee ball and the support for one another is awesome. We contributed to form our own team. We practiced and dealt with the joys and pains of a growing child. We have yet to win a championship but that has not been our main goal. All the parents and I have agreed that our main priority was to ensure that our kids have the best times of their childhood while playing tee ball. That for me, is a goal far more better than a tee ball championship trophy.

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