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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Baseball Swing Grip

The Baseball Swing Grip

By Nate Barnett

The hands are the only physical connection you have with the bat as the baseball swing begins. While other parts of your body are responsible for generating the power in hitting a baseball, your hands and how they grip the bat play a large role in how fluid the bat passes through the hitting zone. Therefore, it stands to reason that some time and attention by paid into understand the quick and easy fundamentals of gripping the bat.

A good grip occurs when the handle of the bat is held primarily in the fingers of the hand. In order to accomplish this correctly, simply lay the handle of the bat across the lower base of the fingers of each hand. Then, just close your hands around the handle. Pay attention that you are not squeezing the bat. Instead, hold it lightly in your fingers.

The reason you should keep a light grip is because it will keep the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms loose and prepared for quick action in your baseball swing. Loose muscles are fast muscles while tense muscles will create a blocky swing that will produce little positive results. Unfortunately, many hitters when facing a pitcher who throws a speedy fastball will grip the bat with flexing muscles and white knuckles. The tightness in the hands, wrists, and forearms will prevent other muscles from helping you create a quick baseball swing. Next time you get a chance to watch a Major League Baseball game, watch how many of the hitters lightly grip and re-grip the bat as they wait for the pitch. This is simply an unconscious habit many hitters employ to keep from gripping the bat too tightly.

Two Effective Grips

Option #1: The easiest way to ensure that you are keeping the bat up in the fingers is to rotate your hands so that the second row of knuckles on each hand line up with each other. Many hitters find this grip slightly uncomfortable. The second option may be better suited if this is the case.

Option #2: Rotate the hands until the second and third knuckles line up with each other. This "box grip" is used by quite a few Major League players. With either option you choose, it is important to be comfortable. So, pick the one that feels the best for your size and shape of hand and stick with it.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nate_Barnett

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