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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tips on Becoming the Baseball Player You Want to Be

By Jaclyn Azuela

If you want to become a baseball player that you want yourself to be, you should know how to set your heart and your goal into it. You need to define a more concrete way of doing things and you will really achieve that goal. You only need to believe not only in yourself but also in what you do. There are a lot of things you can do to become the baseball player that you really wanted to be and here we will mention few.

Before heading out to the field, take time to sit down and relax first. Think about how you want your baseball career be in ten years time. Do you only want this at the moment or do you want it to continue until it becomes your primary career. It really would make a big difference if you want this to be a full time career or you only want this for fun until you are done in your school. You need to make a clear-cut definition of what you really want. It is sometimes necessary to write down the things you want to do for you to be able to think about it more clearly. There are many things you can achieve by clearly defining your goals first. If you want to become a pitcher for that matter then you need to define this.

The next thing you can do is think about what you can do as a pitcher and what the abilities you already have for this position are. If you are not a pitcher to start with, then you will have a hard time to achieve this. Develop your potential. Discover where and what position you really excel. Don't just go into the battle field without even knowing what kind of abilities you have to defeat your opponent, before long, you'd be up against yourself for that matter. You need to know what position you most likely will have success with proper training and practice.

If you already know the best position you can have is the pitcher position then it is time for you to define what you really want as a pitcher. Your hand flexibility and accuracy of pitch are two major things you need to possess. Being a pitcher is a major role and should be played correctly. It is the number one defense of your team. The more accurate your pitch is the better will be your coordination with your catcher. If you have the proper coordination with your catcher, this will become the best defense you got against your opponent. You need to focus and do your own thing once you got to your pitcher's plate. If your fast ball only got 98 mph then make it a hundred but that is only when you still can control the ball. You can't just throw in a ball and let it be just like that. You need to have control over the ball or else you will only end the game in disaster. If you already have the skills then improve them. The only best thing you can do is to train until you master and excel in all that you do.

Always remember that being a pitcher is a key role that you must play well. If not well then make it better. Exceed that of the normal standard and I assure you, you will be the baseball player that you wanted to be in no time at all.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jaclyn_Azuela

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