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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Choose the Best Baseball Equipment

How to Choose the Best Baseball Equipment

By Jim Burns
With baseball just around the corner, most cities across the USA have youth leagues like Little League. Baseball teams for kids range from age 4 for tee-ball to high school before these kids enter college or even go pro. Youth players have more baseball equipment choices than ever before. From composite bats to custom gloves, you can find baseball gear that will fit just about any budget or need.

Baseball Gloves - A proper fitting glove is essential to every baseball player. Gloves come from many different manufacturers and with many different price points and features. Some of the most popular youth gloves are the Rawlings Primo Baseball Glove, Nokona Bloodline Baseball Glove or the Louisville Slugger Pro Flare. Other top baseball manufacturers include Rawlings Baseball Gloves, Akadema Baseball Gloves and Easton.

Baseball Bats - You can't hit the ball without a bat. Bats come in many different sizes and materials. Most of your youth baseball teams will use an Aluminum Baseball Bat. The better the actual aluminum alloy the better the bat and the more "pop" you will receive when you hit the ball. "Pop" refers to the distance the ball with travel when the bat strikes the baseball. In addition, you can purchase composite and composite/aluminum mix bats which give even better performance. Some of the best Youth Baseball Bats include the Easton Stealth bat, Louisville Slugger baseball bat, and the Rawlings EXOGRID baseball bat. Other manufacturers also include Worth Bats, DeMarini Youth Bats, and Miken bats.

Baseball Equipment - There are alot of training exercises teams should use when preparing for the upcoming season. Training videos and training aids will help develop young baseball players quickly and add enjoyment to the experience. Pitching Machines including base ball and combo pitching machines are available from the most popular manufacturers in the business. Choose from top of the line ATEC, JUGS and Zooka machines all for great prices.

About the baseballs - Baseballs are measured in circumference in inches and weight in ounces. They have either leather or synthetic covers that are glued to the windings and stitched together. Leather covers are the traditional choice because they offer the best grip, performance, durability, and shape maintenance. Usually, the more expensive the ball, the higher the grade of the leather, and the better the cover and the process used to bond the cover to the windings.

Synthetic covers are usually vinyl and less expensive than leather covers. Synthetic covers vary in texture and grip depending on the quality. The high quality synthetic covers have a grip and feel that is close to leather. Synthetic covers resist dirt, maintain color well, and do not absorb water.

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