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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teaching a Young Tee Ball Baseball Player to Throw Correctly

Good morning. Today I want to point out a couple of important things for you as a parent to remember when you are teaching your child to throw.

There is a right or correct way to do everything. If a child does not learn certain things early, then they make never have the arm strength, accurracy and wellness that they need later in their baseball career.

3 Important Points:
  1. The young player must learn to turn the front shoulder or glove shoulder toward the target. This puts the body facing at a perpendicular angle to the direction of the throw.
  2. The arm motion should be a smooth, long arching motion, that takes the arm down, back, and up to the proper position. The ball should be in the fingers with the ball facing away from the target when the ball get to his highest point.
  3. Both elbows must be in the "T" position or shoulder high when the ball reaches it apex behind the body. The arm whould be fully extended.

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