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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baseball Batting Techniques - Finding Some Help in Improving Your Baseball Skills

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By Carolyn Anderson

Baseball is indeed one of the favorite sports we want to watch and play as well. If you have the interest to learn baseball, either as a sport or just for fun, then you can actually learn some baseball batting techniques that can improve your skills.

Learning these techniques can also be good for your children if you want to train them and help them learn to play baseball at a young age. Of course, the younger your kids are trained in any sport, the better they can become when they grow up especially if they like the sport.

Of course, the basic skills that one should learn if he wants to play baseball is batting the ball and catching. Although, it is also important to learn about pitching as well as other defense skills you need to learn about the sport. Indeed, batting is an essential skill of every baseball player and, of course, becoming a good baseball hitter makes you one good baseball player too. So for some baseball batting techniques that you may find useful in improving your game, here are some of them.

Learn the proper batting technique. The key to master baseball batting is to master the basics. Of course, you have to make sure you are gripping the bat correctly. One of the most commonly used gripping technique that players use in playing baseball is holding the bat such that the middle knuckles of your hands are lined up. This technique gives better control than gripping the bat tightly with both palms.

To master your baseball batting techniques, it is also important to consider your stance. This allows you to have good balance and of course allows you to hit the ball properly. To maintain a good stance, your knees should be slightly bent, and your weight rested on the balls of your feet and your waist slightly bent forward.

Another important thing to master is your swing. Your lower body should control your swing and your weight should transfer from the balls of your feet to the front foot. You should also keep your hands within the flight of the ball so you can hit it better. You should also keep head movements at a minimal.

Aside from these baseball batting techniques, keep in mind some important tips to help you master hitting the ball. Be positive. Think that you can hit the ball even before you step into the batter's box. Clear your mind from any distraction and concentrate on hitting the ball. It helps also not to be in a hurry. You can always wait for a good pitch.

To help you improve your batting skills, it would help to find someone who is an experienced baseball player to watch you when you practice your batting so that you will know what needs to be improved and corrected. You can also practice your batting with several hitting drills that will truly improve your skills before getting into the real battle.

Carolyn Anderson loves to play sports including softball. For a step-by-step training manual to help you master baseball skills like hitting, check out Parker Training System Manual. Also check out The Super 8 Hitting System, a comprehensive digital course on how to hit a baseball.

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