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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines, Get Training and Just Pure Fun


Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines, Get Training and Just Pure Fun
By James Quick

The balls are safe to use with small children and you can start training them to be a future baseball or softball star with a wiffle ball pitching machine. Using a machine will give anyone great practice on both batting and catching. They are just like regular pitching machines that throw a variety of different balls like curve balls and fast balls. You can be training baseball players of tomorrow without any worry of serious injury.

These machines are safer to use than a softball or baseball machine. The balls are smaller and very lightweight having holes in them. If one of the balls hits a child it will do little damage even if it being pitched by the machine. Other machines can pitch balls at 50 miles per hour or more and can cause some serious damage if it comes in contact with a child's head. The machine pitches fast balls but because the ball is so light it will not cause damage.

With a pitching machine kids can learn how to hit all types of balls that they would encounter in a regular game. It is easy to translate from a wiffle ball to a soft ball. Curve balls can come from the right or the left and you can set the machine lower for the height of a smaller child. Most machines come with a variable speed control too.

One of the best things about the wiffle pitching machine is that you can take it indoors, like a gym and not have to worry if you will break anything. Set the speed for very low and practice catching. A wiffle ball bat is smaller and light weight so you will not have to worry if anyone gets hit with the bat either. All in all with wiffle ball pitching machines you can train the baseball stars of the future in a safe and easy way.

Build Your Batting Skills and have Fun at the Same Time

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Quick

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