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Friday, March 19, 2010

Batting Lessons Can Be the Most Determining Factor of Winning the Game

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Batting Lessons Can Be the Most Determining Factor of Winning the Game
By Christopher Parrish

Without the proper batting lessons you will not achieve the batting average that can compliment your team. How can you improve your batting average? Good batting lessons. Not too complicated of a thought, but it is easier said than done. Whether you are in a youth program or a major league hitter, the only way you are going to be able to raise your average is to spend time working on batting. A simple example would be a spelling bee champ did not get good at spelling because he worked on his diagramming, you get the point.

Now, you can not just go out there and say "I am going to practice batting" when you do not even know where to start. Practicing the wrong swing will only make you worse. The more you practice something the more you are going to make it permanent, so it is vital that you get the proper batting lessons and steps for a perfect swing. It is said that it can take 3,000 swings before you can make it permanent. That is a manageable number, 15-20 minutes equals out to about 100 swings per day, so in a month you should obtain a more permanent perfect swing. Now that right there should bump up that batting average, but you have got to take action! I am not saying that 3,000 is a magical number but it is a good rule of thumb to go by, although the more you do the more permanent that swing will become.

There is said to be 7 steps for a perfect swing, that is 7 things you will have to keep in your mind while you swing until that perfect swing becomes permanent. Steps from how your knuckles should be placed to how your big toe should start the swing with weight landing on it to the red zone or success zone where the ball hits the bat. I am not here to give you all the steps and necessarily give you batting lessons but rather to encourage you to explore what you are capable of when it comes to your batting average. A skill is something acquired, it is up to you to acquire it, and with today's information floating around it just takes sometimes seconds to get that information.

There are a number of ways you can go about getting great batting lessons, you can either get a local coach, an online coach, or get steps and tips for a great swing via hard copy. Which one that will work best for you is determined by you and how much time and effort you put into it. Practice only makes perfect if you are practicing perfect.

Here is a site that can get you the proper batting lessons and learn the skill set for a perfect swing. http://www.bestatbat.com There are many ways you can try to achieve this goal but if you can not afford a private batting coach you might want to check that out, it has helped a few of my friends and they recommend this program. Here is another program that I have heard about, http://www.freetipsandsecrets.com Remember though, whatever method you choose, choose to take action!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christopher_Parrish

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