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Monday, March 8, 2010

Baseball Skills For the Beginning Player

Hurricane Baseball Batting Trainer

Baseball Skills For the Beginning Player
By Ethan D Orman

If your child is serious about becoming a better baseball player, then he will need to devote some extra time to develop his skills. One of the most important areas to focus on is hitting. Since most kids don't get enough time at bat during team practice, any amount of extra time with the bat should yield results. But if your child really wants to make a run for the Hall of Fame, make sure that the extra time focuses on technique and bat speed.

Begin by making sure that your child is using the correct sized bat. We spend time making sure we have the right fit for shoes and gloves, but we sometimes ignore the size of the bat. Since bat speed is critical to successful hitting, a bat that is too heavy will slow down your slugger. Have your child hold the bat out away from his body, parallel to the ground. If he can't hold it for 15 seconds, or his arms start to wobble, then the bat is probably too heavy.

You should also focus on position at the plate. If your child stands too close or too far from the plate, then it will hinder his ability to make a strong connection with the ball. This is why it is important to practice swinging at a plate. If you are using a field that doesn't have a home plate, bring one with you, even if it is made of paper. This will allow your child to develop a consistent feel for proper foot positioning and distance from the plate.

Bat speed is a key to good hitting. A simple exercise to help young hitters is to add a donut to your child's regular bat. Have him swing at eight pitches with the loaded bat, and then remove the donut and have him swing at eight more pitches. Two or three sets of this a week should help your player build up his bat speed, resulting in better hitting.

Your child will also want to improve his vision. Players are often told to keep their eye on the ball, and there are some excellent drills to help them do just that. First, soft toss some plastic golf balls to your little leaguer. The small ball will force him to focus on his target all the way through contact. You can then switch to larger whiffle balls, which will help instill confidence with a larger target. A fun twist on this is to use different colored balls. Have your child call out the color of the ball when he swings. This will help him stay focused on the ball throughout the entire swing.

When trying to become a better hitter, nothing is more important that time at the plate. Repetition will help your little slugger develop a better feel for his swing and making contact with the ball. But by adding in the above drills, your player will hone different parts of his swing that will lead to more success at the plate, and just possibly the Major Leagues.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ethan_D_Orman

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