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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Hit a Baseball Correctly

By Jeffery A Wise

When first learning the proper way to hit in baseball you want to educate yourself the best you can as to how to hit a baseball correctly. My dad played and coached baseball so I was blessed having someone fully knowledgeable to teach me. He taught me the most important hitting fundamentals first. Then, after I learned those, he taught me more.

The first item you need to consider is what type of baseball bat you're going to use when hitting. Don't select one too light or heavy. Select a bat somewhere in the middle. A bat that will let you swing your bat through the strike zone but still make solid contact all at the same time.

Stand shoulder width apart in the batters box with both feet pointed in the direction of home plate and the other side of the batters box. Hold the bat just below your chest, five to eight inches away from your body. If you are left-handed then your right hand should be holding the bat at or just above the knob on the bat handle with your left hand holding the bat just above your right hand. Right-handed hitters should do the opposite.

Once your feet are set, bend forward at the waist and bend your knees so that you are in a slight crouching position. Hold the bat in a vertical position and keep your front shoulder tucked and not open.

Always keep you head towards the pitcher and keep your eyes on the ball from the moment the pitcher releases the baseball to the time you swing and make contact. Your head should be turned and looking at the pitcher but your hips and shoulder should remain closed until it's time to swing.

As the ball is being pitched you should use a trigger to get your swing going. Some people slightly lift their front foot right before swinging and others use their hands. The purpose of a trigger is to start the transfer of your weight to the back leg in order to shift all your weight up front when you swing. This is what generates the power in your swing.

Try to have a consistent and smooth swing at the ball. You don't have to swing as hard as you can. Your whole point is to swing consistently at the ball and get solid contact. As you swing, your head should tilt down so you'll see the ball hit the bat. Don't jerk your head around. Your eyes see the ball and since you're already looking towards the pitcher you don't need to move your head anywhere else.

Those are some things for you to practice as you learn how to hit a baseball correctly. Practice swinging alone in the backyard, practice hitting off of a tee and have your father or coach pitch you some batting practice. You should come to feel comfortable in the batter's box as you practice as much as you can.

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