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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Youth Baseball Instruction and Children's Fitness

By Anthony J Pensabene

Would you like your child to be social, stay in shape, and develop healthy habits? These are wishes of many parents. It can be difficult to explain why some activities are more beneficial than others; explaining why taking pitching lessons and batting lessons while the video game controller cools down is a good idea can be a daunting task. Many parents champion and celebrate childrens' sports because it provides an outlet for fun while promoting fitness and health.

Children can find a lot of activities to get into; it may be beneficial to check local Web sites and schools for directories and additional information. A well-structured recreational sport, such as little league baseball instruction, can facilitate weight control; promote bone growth; build cardiovascular strength; and, maintain mental health.

Weight control is a problem for many citizens of the United States. 'Dieting' seems to be a tenacious task on our 'to-do' list. There is not a definitive cure or safeguard from being overweight, yet learning good habits in one's youth can greatly help a child control their weight now and in the future. A person's metabolism slows down as they age, so it is more likely to gain weight, but an adult conditioned to be active is less likely to put on pounds.

You may be fondly entertained by the commercials showcasing a cute child with a milk mustache commenting on wanting strong bones while getting a pat on the head by an approving parent. The commercial mentions an important aspect of child health: building strong bones. Baseball training programs help children build strong bones through continuous and monitored activity. Engaging in physical activity promotes bone growth and helps the child elude conditions such as osteoporosis in adulthood.

The heart is the cornerstone of the human body. A healthy heart ensures a healthy body. Cardiovascular activity is a way to promote regular heart health and strength. Cardiovascular activity can come in many forms and intensities. Any variety of cardiovascular activity is good for the body; baseball is one variety. Baseball lessons keep children moving both quickly and continuously. Though a game of baseball may appear to evolve in a slow-paced fashion, participating athletes must be conditioned to react instantly with efficiency. Such balance and precision is mastered through conditioning exercises highly involving several forms of cardiovascular activity.

Socialization contributes to a child's mental health. Baseball camps and baseball lessons surround your child with others maintaining similar interests. By engaging in baseball hitting instruction and other youth baseball drills a child can develop a sense of discipline; experience the value and reward of hard work; and, realize the process of establishing goals and achieving them. Immediately, baseball hitting instructors may be teaching your child how to hit a baseball, yet your child can associate challenges, lessons, and accomplishments learned to other occasions in life to work to their benefit.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anthony_J_Pensabene

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