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Monday, July 19, 2010

Competitive Baseball Teams - When to Start Playing at That Level

Competitive Baseball Teams - When to Start Playing Travel Ball
By Guest Author Tom Read

A World Series for tee ball, really? Every summer my home town hosts a world series for tee ball teams. I do not think tee ball is the age to start playing travel baseball. So when is the best time to leave the comfort of recreational baseball and move on to competitive baseball? You know the cost, the time commitment, and the pressure is going to greatly increase. When should you and your son make that leap?

You are only going to become better by playing better competition. So why not jump to a competitive team at the first chance? Well, first off, the cost is going to go through the roof. Competitive teams travel a lot. And that right there is a big cost. The price to play in these tournaments is also very expensive. And a lot of teams have paid coaches. That comes from you. Most teams have fund raisers, but they are no fun and usually do not cover a third of the cost. Competitive baseball is a financial drain.

Next is time commitment. After investing all this money, the team wants to perform well, and that means practice, practice, and more practice. Maybe year around. Recreational teams practice once a week, maybe twice. Competitive teams three or four time a week, maybe more. If the weather is bad, recreational teams cancel practice. Competitive teams find an indoor facility. More practice time, and more cost.

The last big concern, and this should be your biggest concern, is the increase pressure on your son to perform. It starts with tryouts. Players are put thru certain drills, and then some make the team and some get cut. It is a pressure cooker for a young boy. Recreational teams usually have playing time rules. Not so much with competitive teams. Everybody will get some playing time, but it is no way equal. Remember, they want to win. So if your son makes the team, then there is always the pressure to play well, or be riding the bench.

If your son is good enough, then at some point he will need to play competitive ball to get better. When depends on you and your son. Consider the above three points before deciding. Talk it over with your son.

My rule of thumb is not before ten, and at least by thirteen if you hope to play high school baseball.

After my many years of coaching, watching and traveling to out of town baseball games, I decided to share my baseball tips and stories that I have learned and experienced along the way. To check out more articles that I have written, please visit my website at http://baseballknowledge.info

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