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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Head Safety in Softball and Baseball is Important - Check Out the Helmet

Head Safety in Softball and Baseball is Important - Choosing the Correct Helmet
By Guest Author Mike Ripley

A batting helmet is a headgear which is worn by batters in softball or baseball. It is basically worn for head protection when the ball is thrown by a pitcher. Without protection a batter could be seriously injured. Unfortunately, injuries can be so serious and have lethal consequences. During the first decade of the 1900's, Mr. Roger Bresnahan created the first protection headgear. It is now known as a batting helmet. After the creation, people did not start using batting helmet. A batting helmet mainly protects the back, top and the sides of the head. Some helmets cover both sides of the ear, whereas some cover only one. The one sided ear helmets usually cover the left ear for right handed batsmen and the right ear for left handed batsmen.

The helmets which cover both sides are exclusively used in major leagues. The last person who did not wear a batting helmet was Montgomery in 1979.This protective gear with earflaps never gained popularity at professional levels although they were very common at amateur sports. Some baseball batters felt the earflap out of the corner, and it was a great distraction in the middle of a game. In the early 80's it became compulsory for baseball batters to wear helmets during the game with at least one ear flap. Later, players started to choose from the single or double earflap helmets in the major leagues. Nowadays the no-flap helmets are still utilized in different ways in baseball. Players are made to wear a no-flap helmet when the player is in a defensive position.

This head gear became a rule after the injury that John Olerud got while playing in the defensive position.

Long time ago, baseball was only about bats made of wood and a good baseball game at grass fields. However, new age and technology offers high-tech bats. The bats almost remind at some dangerous weapons, however the safety is the priority. NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) are working on improving softball and baseball gear and reducing of injuries. Choosing a batting helmet is only a small portion of their guidelines.

Once you learn the importance of safety, you will not regret your money that is spent on them. This can be of higher importance in regular baseball (fastpitch). You should know that polyethylene (or polycarbonate) type shells are made to resist an impact due to fastballs.

It is very important for a player to get familiar with choosing a good batting helmet. For example, if a helmet doesn't fit well, there is a big chance that a player's view becomes obstructed. Therefore it can cause that a player doesn't see fast enough and doesn't get out of the way if the ball gets away from a pitcher or perhaps, from a catcher.

For batting helmet is very important to be padded. It acts as a shield of the head. Furthermore, you should always check your sport gear for some type of rear adjustable strap. It can make your helmet fits tighter or looser.

Another very important thing is ventilation. Your helmet should have some type of ventilation at the ear holes or on the top, actually having it in both places works best. It also helps kids to get used to keeping their helmets on when they are batting, but also if they are on deck or even on a base.

Finally, don't forget to purchase the one with a chinstrap; it will keep your helmet on after some impact.

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